Have several health issues but the different suggested meds, shots and other procedures didn't solve anything and made things worse. Discussing this with the insurance Co. and their Pharmacist, I mentioned the thought keeps coming to seek an acupuncturist. They agreed with me that there would be no side effects or reactions to it and it has helped others. My Neurologist at OSU concurred.

No longer am I wearing sunglasses 24/7 like I had for almost two years, due to the Chronic Migraine and other issues. Today is the year anniversary of my first visit to Dr. Hindman who is also a great Chiropractor. With her help, my life is happier with these different health issues. Though there still is a ways to go, I can't thank her enough for a much better quality of life with all this and Thank God for the thoughts to seek such services when there seemed nothing but more pain, reactions and side effects that lasted months and almost two years with out remedy even once these were all withdrawn.

It is no wonder that This 4,000 year old practice has survived and developed through the ages and still so successful.

MaryAnne Feeney

A patient much healthier & happier for the experience

I am so glad that I met Dr. Hindman at a heath expo this past spring. She has helped my son with his migraines. He loves going to her office and asks me to go and see her. He really likes the atmosphere at the office and how she explains things to him. I appreciate how Dr. Hindman gives us ways to help prevent/help with the migraines at home. This makes the horrible situation of my child having migraines a little less stressful when I know she can help him feel better.

Susie Schiering

I have suffered from migraine and tension headaches for over 20 years with minimal relief from traditional medical care. Dr. Hindman's neck adjustments have given me the relief I've been searching for! Her patience, understanding, and superior adjusting skills have given me a headache-free life again!

Tricia S.

I began having back and hip pain following the birth of my son 1o years ago with minimal relief through pain relievers. I sit at a desk for ten hours a day and the pain would be unbearable. I started seeing Dr. Hindman and noticed an immediate relief of pain. I mentioned to her that I was having carpal tunnel problems not knowing she would be able to help but she has and I haven't had to have surgery that my MD thought I would need. I am very satisfied with my care.

Holley Bossell.

“I originally started seeing Dr. Shauna Hindman for acupuncture treatments to help alleviate Socratic Arthritis pain and skin irritations I experience from Lupus. The acupuncture treatments have not only been beneficial for those symptoms, but in addition have proven to be successful in lowering my Glaucoma eye pressure and have provided overall relaxation. With acupuncture you don’t experience any unpleasant side effects, unlike other medications I have tried. I encourage anyone looking for alternative treatments to try Polaris Acupuncture and Chiropractic Center – you’ll be happy you did!”


Shelley W.

I sought out care for restless leg syndrome that I had for two years with no relief from my MD. Dr. Hindman was able to allow me to sleep through the night within two visits. I had 6 treatments and have no symptoms now. I highly recommend acupuncture with Dr. Hindman.

Josh S.

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